Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Signs of Day of Judgement Or Qayamat Day or Islamic Apocalypse, The Signs of the Hour, End of Times

The Signs of the End of the World, or the Signs of the Dooms Day, and the signs of the Hour or Islamic Apocalypse.

Qayamat Ki Nishaniyan, Alamate Qayamat.

There is no any man in the entire history of the mankind, whose predictions proved to be 90 % true after his death, and his remaining 10 % predictions will be proved true as a rule of probability. This is Fact, it is not a blind claim, I am placing his predictions and now you decide how many of his predictions you find proved true and remaining is for the near future.
The predictions are in Urdu Language, if you want read it yourself to find whether my claim is true or false. This person is Prophet Mohammad God Bless Him Peace,
In the midst of all allegations and misinformation and misguidance by his enemies, nobody can prove his predictions wrong, read yourself to find yourself in astonishment and surprise.

                    If You Could'nt translate these end time prophesies, then I will provide  you the translation.
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taboo what is forbidden: Jews and Muslims and Israel:  


                                                           Signs of the End Of The World

                                                              Some more Signs of the Qayamah

                                                                               Signs of Qayamat

                                                             a true happening of today's world life style

                                                                                         we are living in the end of times

                                           some more signs of the day of judgement - apocalypse

                                                                                                  a real eye opener

                                                   after this no excuses will be entertained

                                                                                                        nasa proof

                                                                                           it is not too late

                                        Retrograde motion of Planet Mars ( This is apparent motion, not Real Motion )

                                                                  a true happening of today's modern life style

                                                                 the deniel of the last hour

                                                   more detailed signs of the end of the universe

                           Detailed Section full of Proof of the Truth of the End Time Prophesies
                                                         Islamic Apocalyptical prophesies

                                                                   Anti Christ The Dajjal

آخری زمانے میں مسلمانوں کا اتحاد و اتفاق سے رہنا  بہت ضروری ہے آپس میں فرقہ بازی کرنا اور ایک امام یا ایک امیر پر متفق نہ ہونا یہ ہماری سب سے  بڑی شکست ہے
اور ہمارے دشمنوں کی سب سے بڑی فتح ھے

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