Sunday, March 25, 2012

find God

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The Science studies everything, the science has a tendency to start its study from very simple and primitive things, and any scientist who studies something big starts its study from very simple parts and develops his knowledge slowly and step by step.
The modern science started its study from very big things; in past the scientists studied the sky and they developed knowledge about gravity, and magnetism, and light and heat and chemicals.
In their studies they go on finding more and more complex phenomena every time they focused on something.
They found the sky full of mysterious things, the space, the enormous distances, and the speed of light the time and the gravity each one was very strange and mysterious.
The distances in the sky are so long that even a beam of light needs millions and billions of years to reach at a finite place, and still there is more space remaining to be explored.
The things and the theories tend to become more and more complex as we try to explain them more, then we assumes that all this is because we are studying quite big things.
Then turn towards small things, small and very simple things, and what will be more simple than a droplet of water, if we think about it.
Then the scientists started studying atom, the atom is so small that the thin air which you breathed out just now contains billions of atoms and you are even not aware about them.
Then scientist started their study about the atom, thinking that it is the worthless and most primitive guy, but this worthless guy turned to be extremely complex in structure, the scientist keep on uncovering it and it kept itself revealing more covers, starting from electron to proton then neutron, lepton, boson, and so on, then the tron tron keep on continuing and the scientists had to stop after feeling fatigued. even a speck of flying dust is full of mysteries, it has envelops of electrons, protons, neutrons, mesons, quarks, hadrons, pions and leptons, baryons, gluons and so on’s.
Then why everything is so complex in structure, if we turned towards big things then they tend to be more and more mysterious and complex, then we assume that they are big, hence they may be complex, and when we turned toward simple and worthless guy the atom of water droplet or the dust of the shoes then it turned to be more mysterious and frightening, wherever we saw we found mystery.
If the atoms and matter and the whole universe and the pantheon of the universes which is known as multiverse and the pantheon of these multiverses and the pantheon of the grandverses of the grandverses has in existence by its own and it came into existence by itself and by automatic and from the time which is limitless and which gave it birth after flowing billions and billions and billions of epochs in the vastness of billions and billions and billions and billions of kilometers.
Then everything which is born out of time should had to be very simple, it should had to be very primitive in its structure, and very innocent in design and nincompoop in itself.
But we find a different scenario, everything it complex in its inner structure, and as we go on searching it becomes more and more complex, as if somebody very clever is in front of us throwing his dies in front of us, whatever it be, small or big, we can’t avoid mysteries, and to understand them we needed very weird and bizarre theories.
If the matter and this universe is born without any creator, then naturally it might had very simple structure, but we found it very complex, this suggest that there is a creator for them all.
And all the study shows that the creator has same tendency underlying in each thing deep rooted and this suggest that the creator is very wise and very mighty and very clever and a singular being.

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