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Who are Ginn

taboo what is forbidden: Jews and Muslims and Israel:  


The Gins, Djin or Jinnat.

The Gins are beings made from smokeless flame according to Islam, the smokeless fire can be electrons and sparks and the scintillation of arc of electrical charges,
The Gins are enjoying very interesting privileges in Islam, they as follows,
(1) They are mighty; they can do things which humans cannot, such as lifting huge weights
Building and construction of walls and castles.
(2) They can fly.
(3) They can travel long distances in less time.
(4) They can harm peoples, if they are uncontrolled.
(5) They can cooperate with human and they can work for us.
(6)They have very long life.
(7)They can do dangerous works.
(8)They can talk with us.
(9) They can search and find things for us.
(10) They eat different food than what we eat.
(11) They obey us as slaves.
(12) Peoples see them but even then we Do not Believe in God.
(13) Peoples can use them.
(14) They are very useful.
(15) If we maltreat them then they can harm us considerably.
(16) They are merciless.
(17) Some of them believe in God and some of them deny.
(18) They are of different shapes and sizes.
(19) They are in this world and on this earth, they are with us.
(20) King Solomon used them to Build the Temple at Jerusalem.

I have mentioned 20 points regarding Gins; if you find fifty percent resemblance in any other creature then you are right to call it a Ginn.
Then search which things in this world contains maximum of the qualities found in the Islamic Ginns.
Think, search, today you will find only one thing in this world which fulfills all these qualities, and that thing is Machines.
The Machines are mighty, the machine can fly, the machines can work hard, the machines eat and drink Petrol and diesel and Electricity, the Computer is also a machine, the Mobile phone is also a machine, the trucks and Motors are also machines, if we misuse the machines they can harm us mercilessly.
The Computer is evolving and artificial intelligence is coming in it, it can talk and interact with us, in many offices computer aided call reception systems has been installed.
The virtual zombies and the videogame fighters who are they? They are made up of Charges of electricity, they are software, and they are in the memory of the electronic chips, they talk and they fly and they fight.
The cranes and hoists can lift big loads, we use tower cranes to build tall buildings, we use machines to cut stones and to make tunnels, in the same way King Solomon might have used them, and the various caves of Ellora and Ajanta in the world might have been built.
Bulldozers, JCb, earth movers, Fork Lifts, and all intelligent and non intelligent machines of present and Future are Jins.
People look them; use them but still they do not believe in God. Isn’t that strange?

The Jinns are nothing but machines, because all the said attributes about the Jinns fit on the machines only.

The King Solomon used JCB, Bulldozers, Tower Cranes, Drill machines, Pumps, Lifts, Tractors, Trucks, but the people at that time (5000 years ago) think them to be jinn.

A Jin making pencils in a factory, A factory is place where Jins are owned and controlled by men and where the Jinn work in groups, the Jins can harm the peoples if they not use them by using safety, hand gloves, apparons, helmets, safety shoes.

Allah knows the future, he knew every thing before hand, He know the future billions and billions of years back in the past, and there is no past, no present and no future in front of Allah.

The God or Allah knew all the things and machines and technology which today we are developing or tomorrow we will develop in future, he knows all thing as present in front of him, so he might have given these machines, fork lifts, earth movers, JCB, etc to the peoples in the past, and King Solomon probably used these machines and peoples think that those are jins, because those machines can be dangerous if not used properly.

The artificial intelligence is in development, and one day in future will come when more intelligent machines than humans will rule the world, those machines will have computers in their brains.

Allah knows all these things, the Satan is also a jin a super intelligent being, created from spark, fire, flame or infra red radiation, the Quran told that he was created from smoke less fire, the smoke less fire is infra red radiation.

The computer screen showing you the images and videos is nothing but electrons and spark, these are created from the smokeless fire the electricity is what ?

the computer programmes and computer games have all sorts of satans and zombies, they fight and kill each other, they win and defeat.

All this is created by the electrons and sparks and smokeless fire, artificial intelligence is coming, but allah knew these things from eternity.

So now think positive, be confident now in believing in the existance of Djin, believe with confidence, not in doubts.

I have revealed their (Jin's) secret, I have showed you with proofs that they exists right in front of you.
If secret is revealed, then it remains no more secret, and this is what with the jins, I revealed their secret to you, now your brain is not ready to believe it.

As I told above, the jins are made from smokeless flame according to the Quran, and the Angels are made from Light (Noor). Now I am revealing another secret, to make it no more secret, the images and video game zombies with which we play on computer and cell phones are made from the electric charges, the Electric charges and sparks are nothing but Smokeless flame!, and the Images and text and everything which you see on computer screen, and on cell phone screens and on Cinema screens, all those images and movies and the characters are made from Light (Noor)!.
These images and videos are amazing, we wonder how they resemble the originals, and the 3 D films are really wonderfull and the Lazer created holograms are excellent!, we often can not distinguish true persons from the holographic and 3 D images, these are man made, but the thing made by the God are really great, so are the Angels and Jins.


  1. Quran 51.56.
    Wama khalaqtu aljinna waal-insa illa liyaAAbudooni
    "And I (Allâh) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone)."

    6.112. And so We have appointed for every Prophet enemies - Shayâtin (devils) among mankind and jinns, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion (or by way of deception). If your Lord had so willed, they would not have done it, so leave them alone with their fabrications. (Tafseer Qurtubi, Vol.7, Page 67)

    Please dont make misconceptions for muslim.this post it just like ignoring Allah and his Rasool(s.a.w)

    1. This is not unbelieving in the existence of jins, we believe in the existence of Djins, unbelieving in jins is the Ignoring of Allah and his Rasool (SM).

  2. Quran 17.88."Say: ‘If mankind and the jinns were together to produce the like of this Qur’aan, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another.’"

    1. If Men and computers cooperated each other, or say even with the aid and assistance of computers the man cannot produce the like of the Quran.

    2. The peoples who belive in Jinn because of the fear of the religion is a negative type of belief, they have doubts in their minds but they cannot reveal that doubt due to fear from the religion, this type of belief is negative, I believe in the existence of Jinns Positively, I do not have doubts about their exsistence, I have shown them to you, they were hidden from your eyes, this is a mystery, peoples see them but they do not believe in them and eventually in Allah.
      I have revealed their (Jin's) secret, I have showed you with proofs that they exists right in front of you.

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