Friday, November 29, 2013

Easy Islam

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Easy Islam

Easy Islam.
Today the enemies of Islam have succeeded in defaming and blaming and accusing Islam and Muslims with false accusations, this is because of envy and jealousy, because the Islam is only that religion in the world which cannot be defeated by modern science, and all other religions have long been defeated in the arena of science, so the peoples whose own religion has been dumped down in the trash bin of science cannot see Islam surviving.
And Islam is the only religion in the world which has the ability to become the religion of the majority of people, and at present this world is controlled and dominated by non muslims so they know that if Islam becomes the religion of majority, then the power will vanish from their hands, so they are at war with islam, this is natural.
So the enemies of islam from all over the world are utilizing every possible means to defame islam, they encouraged the various sects in islam, even they are tried to insert fake sects in islam for example the ahle Quran or Quran only sect,   or the Ahmadi , Qadiyani muslims.
But Islam still has its pure ideology, although there are thousands of different sects in islam but pure islam is still distinct and intact and easily accessible, and there are considerable peoples following true islam.
In all other religions different sects formed due to reaction to the environmental conditions, but in islam unfortunately the sect formation was not based on the reaction to the environmental challenges, but rather it was the differences in the misunderstanding of islam.
Yes I am telling that the sect formation in islam was not triggered by the reactions to the environmental challenges nor it was due to the differences of the opinions, but it was due to differences in the misunderstanding of the islam itself.
The islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world, it was not only misunderstood by non muslims, but it was misunderstood by muslims either, the muslims who misunderstood islam formed their own sects.
Now you will think that, then how to find true islam, amid this crowd of thousands of sects, do not worry the islam is intact, the true islam is intact in the millions of true followers of islam and in the Quran and Hadiths, the Quran has remained uncontaminated still today, there are refined and pure Hadiths to guide us, do not worry.
The Islam is not a new religion, it is the same religion of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, Moses, and Jesus and of all the prophets of Bible, Torah and Talmud, it is the continuation of the ideology of One God, only One God.
Now you may ask a natural question here, then,  if the islam is the continuation of the Judaic religion then there are existing Christianity and Judaism, then what is the necessity of islam as a new edition, or revival of Judaism.?
The answer of you natural question is that, although the Judaism and Christianity were in existence in the world at the time of arrival or revival of islam, but those religions and their followers were corrupted and those religions were contaminated by false ideologies and the peoples were left corrupted and exploited by the ignorance.
And the condition of the peoples of the Arabia and other parts of the world was worse than the peoples of the Middle East, the Christians and jews were at war with each other and wanted to exterminate each other, they were not reforming the superstitious customs and beliefs of the peoples under their influence, now in this situation there was a need for a new reforms not only in religion but also in the social strata, there was need for a person who will work on the war like basis for the reformation.
In this time of ignorance islam arrived as a new religion in Arabia, it is nothing but the continuation of the faith of Abraham, prophet Muhammad PBUH worked war like basis and he was given a very short time period to accomplish the task of reformation in Arabia, he worked only 23 years, and he was successful in spreading islam in all of the Arabian peninsula in his life of 23 years, he fought wars and he was busy day and night, he concurred all of the Arabia and turned all of its inhabitants to islam only in 23 years, he conveyed the true message of God, the Quran, and he established a powerful empire, he reformed the social strata, he reformed the laws, he reformed the economy, he reformed the judiciary, he reformed the superstitious peoples, he left a guiding legacy known as Hadiths.
The ideology of islam is that “ There is only one God, the God has created All of us, he has created everything, the God has given us a chance to behave nicely with each other, he has given us free will and time, and he is recording each and every event, and in the last he will give us our reward or punishment, depending our acts and deeds, he has guided the man kind since their existence, he has sent us guidance in the form of prophets and his books, he will resurrect each and every person in the last, he has justice and power in his hand, and therefore all of us have to recognize him and obey him and we must behave nicely with each other.
This part of the Islam is called the ideology of islam, this part is not different from the orthodox Judaism, and this part is the best part of our religion, this ideology is the best of all religions.
The part of islam which concerns more and which has more friction is the second part, the second part of islam is the rituals and practices, this includes the do and do not dos,
The prayers, and the pilgrimage and the fasting of Ramadan, and different customs adopted by different sects, the different customs and other things are nothing to do with islam, if they are not complying with the Hadiths and Quran.
Islam was spread by the prophet Muhammad PBUH, he has a little time to accomplish a great job, he was given only 23 years by the God, so he worked on war time basis, he trained his followers on war time basis, and all his efforts were directed towards spreading of islam to a maximum of the population in least time, so he trained and dictated to his followers as warriors.
For the initial 13 years he spread the ideology of islam, he utilized modest means of communication and tried hardest to convert the local people to accept his ideology, but the success was far from hopes, then he took an aggressive strategy and trained his followers to be missionaries, he tested them by their hard working and God imposed daily five time prayers and 30 days fast in the month of Ramadan and 2.5% zakat tax on the wealth and 20% agricultural tax , and the missionaries were tested by various hard ships, but the followers were passed from each test and the islam became the fastest growing religion in the life time of prophet Muhammad PBUH.
In the short span of 23 years prophet Muhammad PBUH made muslims, a group of missionaries, the muslims were trained as missionaries and they were instructed to follow a strict regimen of prayers, in order to keep them active in the task of spreading islam and establishing Islamic shariyah.
The peoples who have responsibility of spreading islam on their shoulders must be very active and noble in character, therefore the daily five time prayers is the best method of purification.
If someone who accepts the ideology of islam, becomes a muslim, but to be a good missionary he must be trained and purified by daily five times prayers and hajj and 30 days fasting once yearly and paying Islamic taxes and abiding with the strict regimen of dos and don’ts.
A person who accepts the ideology of islam, but do not want to become a missionary can remain a muslim as long as he accepts the ideology of islam.
But islam is the religion of missionaries, because islam is the last religion of the last era and now there is no time remained, now the day of judgment is near, there is no time left.

Today what 99% of muslims are doing, they have only accepted the ideology of islam and they are reluctant towards the extensive training regimen of daily five time prayers and other obligations.
Up to 400 hundred years the initial muslims were missionaries, they spread islam in the vast land and after that their generations enjoyed the fruits for 1000 years, they were not missionaries like their fathers and forefathers, so slowly the power from their hands passed to the peoples who were more active, the Europeans proved to be more active in warfare and in spreading their Christian religion.
Now the people who want to sit idle after accepting the ideology of islam can sit idle but there must be groups in each locality who should get extensive training and cleansing and they must spread islam as their forefathers had done.
All individuals in a society cannot be missionaries, there always will be persons who will have more energetic and they should become the missionaries and there will always some peoples who wanted to become mr. do nothing, this is quite natural, let them sit idle, they will accept the ideology and they will help by taxes.
This is need of time, now we need revival, and we need peace and justice to be prevailed in the human society, and for this there should be groups among us who will spread the message of islam and its ideology for laymen.
Misunderstanding islam many western peoples are trying to make islam moderate, many muslim conspiracy hatchers say that the America and Israel want to change islam and they are spreading their version of islam, I say no need to moderate islam and islam itself have this facility, the persons who want to sit idle can sit idle after accepting the Islamic ideology, and the peoples who want to spread islam will undergo extensive cleansing and training as per the prescribed daily prayers, 30 day fasting and hajj pilgrimage and zakat taxing and other obligations.
Because at present we do not have distinctions between these two type of peoples in muslim societies and all peoples are mixed, therefore it seems from outside that islam is extremist and all muslims are aggressive, but actually muslims are peaceful and only due to misunderstanding of the training regimen it is seen that islam is extremist, actually there are 99% of muslim population is laymen and want to be laymen, the laymen and the missionary type of peoples are mixed, these two type of peoples are mixed in muslim societies and the outsider sees all muslims to be aggressive.
Due to this misunderstanding by the muslims and non muslims alike, there are some peoples trying to moderate islam by inserting false sects in islam and by spreading their own version of American or Israeli version of islam.
The hundreds of muslim sects are knowingly or unknowingly helping our enemies to carry out their dirty games.
Islam is peaceful, islam wants to restore peace and justice in the society and islam want that peace should prevail, it is the enemies of islam who have succeeded in projecting the inverse image of islam.
Islam is peaceful, this is not mere a claim, but it is fact, see the Quran and Hadiths and the History.
These were only muslims who supported and sheltered the jews in the past, all the nations were their enemies, only in Islamic empire the jews were living peacefully, you can’t deny this fact.
If we separate the two type of the peoples from society, then we will see that islam is fully peaceful, this is need of time.
The history has been distorted by the enemy historians, so be care full in reading from it, read only Islamic sources.

In the real societies there are schools, collages, universities and education, there are different faculties of education and there are peoples who take different subjects and excel in them, but there are always peoples who are good or best in one faculty but are not so good at another, for example there are some peoples who becomes Doctors, they are good in biology but they did not became Lawyers and policemen because they were not good at law, and on the other hand there may be some people had success in business and they have factories and investments and property, because they were good at business but they did not became Engineers because they were not good at science, in the same way there are always real peoples in the societies who are good at some thing and not so good at other, for instance take the example of religion, there are some peoples who can become priests and other peoples did not.

The Islam also have no exception, there are some peoples who are more energetic and enthusiastic at religion and there are others who are less, so the more energetic peoples leads the communities in religion and the less enthusiastic peoples are happy to follow them.

This does not mean that the Islam  is not perfect, in fact the Islam is perfect, Allah says in quran that " Today I completed the Deen for you". this verse was revealed to our prophet PBUH on the day of Hajj.

The Deen (Way of Life) is complate and perfect, it will never change, and no body can change it, and it is the Ideology of Islam, the ideology of islam will never change, if it changes, then it will not remain Islam any more.

The ideology of Islam is perfect and it will and it shall remain same forever.
The Ideology is La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah.

" There is not god except Allah alone, and Mohammad is is messenger."

and the essentials of belief as described in above lines.

In the same way as the schools and collages have books and faculties of knowledge, but every body can not learn all the subjects, each person is unique, he learns what suits him, and this does not mean that the Universities and colleges have incomplete knowledge, 
The knowledge is complete and perfect, but the peoples are not perfect.

So there is different syllabus and subjects for different kind of peoples, different kind of peoples need different syllabus and subjects, all peoples can not be taught the Engineering, and Law, and Medicine and Surgery and Business Accounts and Commerce, 

So if the societies have different kind of peoples then there must be different syllabus in religion too, we can not whip all animals with the same lash.

The Quran is correct and the Hadiths of our Prophet Mohammad PBUH are true and all are correct, now it is the need of time to reconcile the truth of our religion and the challenges of modern life styles, our ulamas have to use the device of ijmaa, because of lack of understanding in the ideology and practices of islam today we are seeing a very harsh islam.

There are always peoples in societies who become champions in certain faculty and there are 90 % other peoples who could not become as even a good one.

If anybody accepts the ideology of islam and believes firmly in that ideology he is a muslim forever.

By Engg. Ishrat Hussain Muhammad.

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